Work Tack

All Victor work equipment is the finest quality English leather, double stitched, and made with only solid brass hardware. I know you will be pleased with the durability and longevity of all the work tack; I know I am, and I stand behind it with a guarantee.


English Show Bridle in dark Brown or Black.
3/8" x 1/2"...........$118.00
1/4" x 3/8"...........$123.00

Bridle Parts Also Available
1 Pair Cheeks......$40.50
Bradoon Hanger..$40.00
3/8" Reins............$40.50
1/2" Reins............$42.50

12E: Stirrup Leathers

Superb English quality! 3 row, hand stitched leather with never rust stainless steel buckles.

1" x 57"



Braided Reins - 5/8"...$79.00
Laced Reins - 5/8" ...$75.50
Braided Reins - 1/2" ...$74.50
Laced Reins - 1/2" ...$72.50
Braided Reins - 3/8"...$70.50
Laced Reins - 3/8" ...$69.00

13B: Combo Surcingle

This surcingle can be used as a training or work harness ...$270.00

For work harness parts see items 13 A - 13G

13A: Professional Surcingle

3/4" padding gives your horse extra comfort while providing a better fit. The padding is stitched by hand all around, and the billets are nylon reinforced to prevent the holes from tearing or stretching ...$295.00

Crupper and back strap sold separately...$64.00

13G: Work Reins

These reins, made of the finest quality leather, are strong enough not to stretch. They are equipped with rein stops to prevent "hang up" at the martingale....$38.00

13H: Draw Reins

One solid piece of the finest leather, strong enough to prevent stretching.

14 feel long...$42.50

13D: Side Check Double Work Bridle

This bridle has rings for side check and can be used with single or double bit. Brass snaps for easy but changes....$95.00

13E: Side Check Bridle

Complete with Side Check...$75.00
Bridle Only...$46.00
Side Check only...$29.00

13C: Work Bridle

This bridle is not only strong and neat in appearance, but is also designed for a rapid change of bits.


14A: Running Martingale

This martingale is equipped with a buckle in front of the chest to easily adjust it's lengths. An adjustable strap going over the horses neck allows placing the martingale as far back as desired, and prevents a horse from getting a foot caught if he lowers his head.


14B: Adjustable Leather Martingale

This martingale has adjustable forks for better fit with center ring to attach draw reins


14C: Western Training Martingale

Simply slide your reins through the rings to get the headset you need.


14D: Olympic Martingale

Affords the rider unusual control with minimal pressure or restraint. Includes 8 ft reins with dees.


14E: Bit Converter ...$18.00

14J: Martingale Adapters...With this piece of equipment you an warm up your nose with the martingale on and then take it off without undoing your girth...$15.95

14F: Work Caveson

This caveson is designed for both strength and efficiency. A buckle is placed at the noseband to insure a proper, comfortable fit for the horse...$29.50

14G: Flared Cross-Tie Caveson

The same as above, but with a flared noseband for comfort...$44.00
With out rings...$32.00

14H: Cross Tie Caveson

An all around work caveson. Lined with nylon for strength.


14I: Tapered Caveson

Same as 14F but with finer flared noseband


14K: Olympic Side Reins
The best elastic webbing set into leather reins for a light stretch in training head positions...$44.00

14L: German Side Reins
Quality English leather side reins with rubber donut rings...$79.00

14M: Leather Side Reins
Made of fine solid leather...$39.50

15A: Overcheck Bridle...$115.00

15B: Snap on Tugs...$55.00

15C: Crupper with Leather Side Reins...$120

15D: Kicking Straps...$65.00

15E: Over Girth...$55.00

15G: Traces with Breast Plate...$150.00


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