Show Halters

  • 9A: Classic Simplicity to complement a beautiful head. Available in 1/8 or thred.
  • 9B: Half round 12K gold filled. Nose is lined with leather.
  • 9C: 12K gold filled with border of leather all around. Complete with throat and conchos (12K gold filled).
  • 9D: Round cheeks and a tapered nose with gold edges.
  • 9E: Patent leather or plain leather cheeks with a half round, lined gold nose.
  • 9F: "Amber Silk" Shown in brass. Available in gold and silver.
  • 9G: Twisted Solid Brass or Nickel. Shown in Nickel.
  • 9H: "New Look" with patent leather nose. Patent colors of your choice.
  • 9I: Bit style Halter with tapered noseband and 12K Gold filled edge. .
  • 9J: Bit Style Halter with round noseband.
  • 9K: Noseband style Halter like classic A but with Bit adapters and bit.
  • 9L: This Halter can be used with a bradoon bit or control ring.

Leather Leads

Plain leather Lead available in black or dark oiled leather.

Not less then 7 feet...$26.50.
3/4" plain leather...$34.50
1" plain black leather...42.50

Chains Available:

Fine Black Plated Chain:
22"...$10.00   24"...$12.50    30"...$14.50

Fine 24K Gold Plated Chain:
22"...$12.50   24"...$15.50    30"...$18.50

Brass or Chrome Plated Chains:
22"...$ 9.95    24"...$11.95    30"...$14.50

Bumpers available in full size or yearling size. Solid Brass...$29.50 - Black...$24.50
Covered with Patent Leather to Match halter...$24.50

Heavy...3.5mm - Medium...3.0mm - Light...2.5mm

Controller Ring

The Controller Ring gives control while presenting a delicate appearance.

1/4" steel band...$35.50

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